2016 DMV College Team Championships

The Top 16 College Teams in the States of Maryland and Virginia as well as DC will Compete in the College Team Championships for a chance to win Prizes and Giveaways! This event is open to the first 16 College Teams of 4 that register. Teams will have a chance to Win Free Entry into the 2017 American Cornhole League College Cornhole Cup!
**All Players Must Have Valid College ID and Attend the Same College**

Team Start Time: 2:00 PM

Team Entry Cost: $40 for ACL Members*, $50 for Non-Members (Per Team of 4)

Pre-Register for Cornhole Tournaments to Avoid a $5 On-Site Registration Fee Per Registration!

Team Prizes:

1 Set of ACL Elite Tournament Boards ($300 Value), Free Team Bid to the 2017 College Cornhole Cup (Provided by Tailgate Giant), and Major Bragging Rights to All of the Other Schools!

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*American Cornhole League Memberships are $25 Per Year Per Member!
Cornhole is Not An NCAA Sport, Yet! That Does Not Mean You Cannot Come Out and Have a Great Time Representing Your School in A Great Competitive Environment.


Team College Cornhole Rules: 


  • Teams will be randomly placed in a double elimination bracket
  • A Team will list their 4 players as A, B, C, or D. Listing the players does not have to be based on skill level.
  • A match will be Single Games best two out of three as follows:
    - Team 1 (A,B) vs Team 2 (A,B) – single game 1
    - Team 1 (C,D) vs Team 2 (C,D) – single game 2
    - Team 1 (All) vs Team 2 (All) – game 3, if necessary from a 1 – 1 split above
  • The All Format features players alternating throwing two bags at a time. Teams will decide who throws with who prior the game starting. For example, Player A & C may throw together on one end which will make Players B & D throw together on the other end. If Player A throws first, that player will throw bags 1 & 2 and Player C will throw bags 3 & 4. Players may alternate who throws first between rounds, but not in the middle of a round. Players cannot switch ends with other team players during a game – once the end is chosen, that decision is final for the game. The team that wins the toss may defer or pick the side, discloses who throws first and who will throw from which end. Then the other team will decide the order and ends for their players.
  • Players may switch A, B, C, D prior to each match starting and prior to knowing the other team’s line-up. Players may not substitute other players in during the tournament – A team must start and finish with the same 4 players. If a team member drops out for any reason that player’s bags will be forfeited at each turn.
    Prizes: There will be a side pot created for those teams that want to compete for money. The winning team will receive 4 Medals and a Trophy.