Band Announcement: The Piranhas

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March 31, 2016
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May 13, 2016

Band Announcement: The Piranhas

The Piranhas will Play the 2016 DMV Cornhole Fest! The Piranhas have a very eclectic performing style each member adds and is complimented by an even more diverse set list , slinging everything from Gun's and Roses to The Killers to The Jackson 5 and Maroon 5, time and time again this band has delivered to an enormous demographic of very satisfied audiences. 

Winners of the annual Southern Maryland Phoenix Awards for "Best Performance", out of state audiences are rapidly finding out why.  The Piranhas have been trailblazing all the way from DC and Virginia to New Jersey and New York and lighting up the Eastern Seaboard faster than those unpredictable polar vortexes. "We are excited about the Piranhas Headling the 2016 DMV Cornhole Fest, we think the Piranhas play a variety of music that fits our Event", said DMV Cornhole Director, John Mikulec.

The Piranhas will play from 8:00-8:50 PM and from 9:10-10:00 PM!

Tickets Are Available Starting at $10.00 Each and include Access to the entire festival from 10:00 AM to Midnight!

For More Information, Contact Us!

A. John Mikulec
A. John Mikulec
A. John Mikulec is President and CEO of E-Commerce Giant Holdings, MIK Enterprises Events, Tailgate Giant, Man Cave Giant, and Cornhole Giant. He is also the Founder of the DMV Cornhole Championships.

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